6 Steps to Better Decision Making

Decision making is a key role for any manager or leader. Surprisingly many people struggle when it comes to taking decisions. This might be due to:

o Fear of failure

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o Lack of a structured approach

o Procrastinating

o Lack of clarity

Whatever the barriers, there are 6 steps that you can follow when taking any decision.

1. Problem Definition

Before you can start to take any decisions, you need to be absolutely clear the problem you are trying to reach a decision on. One simple technique is just to write out in a sentence what the problem is that you need to take a decision on.

2. Assess the implications

All decisions have implications. If it is a decision at work, it has implications for you, your peers, your team and your superiors. Depending on the decision (e.g. a promotion at work) it may even have implications for your family, especially if it involves relocation.

3. Explore different perspectives

Perspectives are simply different lenses through which you look at the problem. By exploring different perspectives you start to get a feel for those that you are most attracted to.

4. Get clear on your ideal outcome

When you are faced with a big decision, it is easy to get lost in the detail and circumstances. An alternative is to get clear on your ideal outcome and use this ideal outcome to inform your choices. Imagine you aspire to be a CFO of a Top 100 company. By having clarity on your outcome, you can make choices on promotions and experience linked to this ideal outcome.

5. Weigh up pros and cons

Another way of looking at a decision is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options open to you. Simply listing the advantages and disadvantages of each option is a powerful way of moving forward on decisions.

6. Decide and act

Once you have gone through the previous 5 steps, commit to a choice or course of action and start to make it happen. To avoid procrastination, give yourself permission to be okay with any failings that might arise.

At the end of the day there is no magic formula for decision making. Following some simple steps and acting can however move you into the realm of effective decision maker.

6 Steps to Better Decision Making

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Floor Plans For Nightclubs - Great Business Ideas For Your Night Club

Nightclubs are well-known for their hot dance floors and cool bars. When deciding on nightclub floor plans, there are a lot of decisions to be made regarding the placement of specific locations within the nightclub itself. There are certain elements that must be included in those plans no matter what type of nightclub is being built.

Nightclubs Need a Bar Area
Nightclubs must have a bar area for patrons to enjoy. Plans for a new nightclub must include plenty of space for a bar and seating for the bar's patrons. The bar should be in close proximity to the dance floor so that thirsty dancers won't have far to go to enjoy refreshing alcoholic beverages. This needs to be taken into account when deciding on the placement of the bar in the plans.

\"business Ideas\"

Nightclubs Must Have a Dance Floor
Every nightclub must have a dance floor. The nightclub floor plans should include square footage for the dance floor area. This area needs to be large enough to accommodate dancers, dance contests, or any other event that could possibly take place inside the nightclub.

Nightclubs Need Smoking Areas
Many of today's nightclubs do not allow smoking in certain areas such as on the dance floor. In that case, the floor plans should include a space for smokers to use. Some nightclubs have an outside porch or terrace for smokers while others designate a small space inside the club for smoking patrons.

Some Nightclubs Have Restaurants
Some nightclubs also have restaurants inside their doors. If that is the case, the nightclub floor plans will need to include space for a kitchen area as well as seating for the restaurant's patrons. The plans will need to separate the spaces used for the restaurant, bar, and dance floor.

Nightclub Themes
The theme of the nightclub being built will also determine the type of plans needed. For instance, a nightclub with a Vegas theme in Las Vegas might need to have extra square footage in the plans to accommodate slot machines or poker tables. An exclusive nightclub may want to find floor plans that include private rooms for VIP guests or private parties.

Leasing or Building a New Club
Depending on whether the nightclub building is being built according to new plans or using an existing space, nightclub plans may have to be altered. If the nightclub is being housed in a new building, any plan may be followed and built to the correct specifications. If a nightclub is being housed in a leased space or in an existing building, the floor plans may have to be altered to suit the existing building.

Nightclub floor plans need to meet specific requirements depending upon the theme of the nightclub and the requirements its owner sets. Different plans will suggest varying locations for the placement of the bar, restaurant, dance floor, and smoking area. Plans will also vary based on square footage needs. There are a lot of choices when it comes to planning for a new nightclub.

Floor Plans For Nightclubs - Great Business Ideas For Your Night Club

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Having Your Own Business Advantages And Disadvantages

If you work from home you don't have to travel to your office every day, wear a suit and a tie and deal with nasty and demanding bosses or rude colleagues.You need to realize that it is indeed a possibility to make your income from your own home.

Who does not dream about doing work from home and receiving the rewards, while also spending quality time with your family? When you have your business set up at home home, one of the hardest things to get right is knowing where to do your work, and to get your family to respect that this is a real business.

\"business Ideas\"

Therefore you must dedicate an area of your home as your office, and when you're at work you must have your privacy. If this can be done you will be well on your way.

Now, don't be lead to believe that your home business will bear fruit without any efforts. You'll have to spend a lot of time at your new work from home business before it will become profitable.You'll need a proven strategy to make it successful.

How to find the small business idea of your life? Well good business ideas are available everywhere. Pick up your local newspaper, visit some shops, surf the Internet.

The main reason you'll want to start your own business is probably that you want to work with something you really enjoy doing,( apart from the financial rewards) therefore, start making a list of your interests that match your talents. Choose your business opportunity from this list.

Having Your Own Business Advantages And Disadvantages

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Logistics At Wal-Mart

Many people wonder how Wal-Mart is able to charge such low prices and continue to make a profit. There are several factors in their business model that contribute to this ability, but a big one is their ability to adapt to an ever-changing global marketplace. Some criticize Wal-Mart's efforts to deliver to their customers a quality product at low prices, but in reality, Wal-Mart has been able to deliver low prices by being efficient. This efficiency is present in several areas but one of the most important places is how they are able to manufacture products all over the world and get them to retail outlets, which are also all over the world. This ability requires a flawless logistical system that allows product to be shipped anywhere at a moments notice.

One of the keys to Wal-Mart's effective logistical system is the flexibility that it has when choosing suppliers. When Wal-Mart negotiates with suppliers and the suppliers know that Wal-Mart will only pay the most competitive prices. This is because it is very easy for them to find another supplier of that particular material with a lower price and very few logistical problems. This gives Wal-Mart a huge amount of leverage when dealing with suppliers. If a particular supplier knows that a company has found a lower price, it will lower its price accordingly. However, if the supplier also knows that it will be incredibly difficult for the company to make the proper adjustments to ensure a smooth transition to a different supplier, then they will be less inclined to lower their price as much. This is not how existing suppliers deal with Wal-Mart; when they see that Wal-Mart has found a supplier that will give them a lower price, the current suppliers lower their prices accordingly. They know that Wal-Mart's logistical system can handle transition seamlessly and therefore they gain no additional leverage since it won't be difficult or costly for Wal-Mart to choose another supplier.

\"business Management\"

Another reason that Wal-Mart's prices are so competitive is because they buy in such large quantities that transportation from one end of the supply chain to another is not as costly for additional units. This aspect of the logistical system does not come from skill or expertise it simply comes from the sheer size of the company, but this is still a factor. Wal-Mart buys so many supplies from different places throughout the world, that they have the luxury of using bigger trucks and using less fuel to go back and forth. Also if by chance they have to use shipping services to transport material from one location to another, Wal-Mart will give them so much business that they will get huge discounts.

The logistical system that Wal-Mart uses is so effective because it is so flexible. This is why Wal-Mart is able to offer things much cheaper than other companies can. Wal-Mart has a reputation for being able to offer these things in a cheap manner because of low employee pay and human rights violations but this is simply not the case.

Logistics At Wal-Mart

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Logistics

Organizational Decision Making Is A Strategic Process

The organizational decision making process involves proper and efficient implementation of strategic plans and methods to achieve desired business objective. Let's examine some key areas that affect the overall process.

Often one difficulty facing an organization is that multiple divisions are involved in the overall decision making process. Making a decision can have different implications for each respective division. Gaining agreement from all stakeholders can be a challenge. When a companies overall strategy depends on the support of all business units, organization wide support is crucial.

\"business Management\"

Key strategic evaluation and planning is crucial. This planning needs to address the overall strategic goals of the organization but also the end effects that impact workers outside of the decision chain. Organizational dysfunction and worker resistance can result if proper thought and attention is not directed towards front line efforts. Organizational change professional deal specifically with these issues. Unifying the company at all levels is very important. A failure to calculate and anticipate the implications of key decisions can derail a companies goals and objectives.

Organizational change management and planning processes seek to address the implications that a change in one input can have on the corresponding output. The evaluation and process evaluation that comprises part of the change management approach seeks to measure and anticipate the effect strategic decisions will have on company resources and labor. This permits the careful monitoring and benchmarking to adjust process as required to more closely align organizational objectives with desired outcomes.

With the businesses of today facing shortened product lifecycles, organizations are facing intense competitive pressures to build market share to stay ahead of rivals. Process changes, the introduction of new and improved disruptive technologies are forcing companies to adapt new business goals and objectives in shortened timeframes. This places corresponding stresses on all levels of the organization. As business units are forced to respond to top level management goals, flexibility has become a modern day requirement.

Organizational change management is a growing discipline to help managers become better positioned to understand how the decision making process can affect individuals at a cognitive level. Performance improvement is intimately linked to this. As companies transition into the future, change management is expected to become increasingly important.

Organizational Decision Making Is A Strategic Process

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Organizational Changes Learn more about how to prepare, plan and manage organizational change.

What Makes a Good Office Manager?

Being an office manager is not as easy as some people might expect. It is an extremely important role within an organisation and there are various qualities that a good office manager should possess. So what makes a good and respected office manager?

An office manager should be fair to all members of the office staff. To have favourites, perhaps somebody they would also consider to be a friend outside of work, can cause a great deal of resentment within the rest of the work force and this can lead to a reduced productivity as well as having a detrimental affect on the atmosphere within the office. Each worker within the office needs to be assured that they will be treated as an equal.

\"business Management\"

The office manager should be prepared to "muck in" and work very hard. They should not merely just delegate the work and then sit back, this will lead to a lack of respect within the rest of the work force.

The manager should be a decisive decision maker and a strong leader. They should be pro-active rather than reactive. They should give praise when praise is due and relay messages in a positive manner. We all make mistakes and an manager should be aware of this and therefore not react too harshly when something goes wrong.

An office manager should be a good listener and needs to be flexible. We all have domestic issues from time to time and the office manager will gain additional respect if they are sympathetic and supportive during these periods.

A good manager will have great organisational skills. This ensures that the office is run smoothly and that everyone understands their role within it.

A good office manager leads from the front and should be a great motivater. It is amazing how positive an effect the purchasing of bacon sandwiches on a Friday morning, for the office staff, can be on their morale.

What Makes a Good Office Manager?

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How to Manage Busy Mornings

Most parents are extremely busy in the mornings. It seems that there is always no time to do work in the early hours of morning. Though time can be saved by several techniques and also much more work can be done with good time management.

For example; by doing work at night parents can save lots of time in the morning. They can make lunch and they can clean the dishes, set out clothes and also they can collect books. But children should perform their duties as well and should be prepared to go school.

\"business Management\"

Parents can use healthy breakfast food which takes no time to serve. In that they may include cold cereal which is fortified with vitamins and minerals. For balanced and easy serving diet they can use yogurt and they can also use fruits. With help of this they can save plenty of time in morning.

One of the good ways to save time in the morning is to switch off the TV. This can be help a lot in saving the time. Otherwise the children will be late from school if they keep watching TV.

Parents have the option to either allow their children to watch TV or not. Depending upon the time left for school and if their children are fully prepared and done with breakfast then they can be allowed but parents should on reminding them about school.

It is also important to make thing organized to save time and to get control. One good option is to keep each Child's things at separate places in the house and they should know where they will find them.

You can place their keys and ID in baskets and can hang their clothes on hooks and tell them their specific ones.

Lastly parents need to be relaxed as it is important, few deep breaths in morning can be helpful to get energy and to become fresh.

How to Manage Busy Mornings

Lift heavy objects with the help of lifting slings and chain hoist.

Set Of 20 Key Responsibilities Of Hr Manager

Set of 20 Key responsibilities of HR Manager.

HR Manager is one of the most important key to open a lock hanging on the door of success in an organisation.If an HR Manager is efficient enough to handle and to take out best from his team members any oragnisation and can achieve more from his target goals. HR manager plays an very important role in hierarchy, and also in between the higher management and low level employees. Stated below are major responsibilities of HR Manager:-

\"business Management\"


1. To maintain and develop HR policies, ensuring compliance and to contribute the development of corporate HR policies.

2. To develop the HR team, to ensure the provision of a professional HR service to the organization.Manage a team of staff. Responsible for mentoring, guiding and developing them as a
second line to the current position.

3. To ensure timely recruitment of required level / quality of Management staff, other business lines staff, including non-billable staff with appropriate global approvals, in order to
meet business needs, focusing on Employee Retention and key Employee Identification initiatives.

4. Provide active support in the selection of Recruitment agencies which meet the
corporate standard. Ensure Corporate Branding in recruitment webs and advertisements.

5. Develop, refine and fine-tune effective methods or tools for selection / or provide
external consultants to ensure the right people with the desired level of competence are brought into the organization or are promoted.

6. Prepare information and input for the salary budgets. Ensure compliance to the
approved salary budget; give focus on pay for performance and salary benchmarks where
available.Ensure adherence to corporate guideline on salary adjustments and promotions. Coordinate
increments and promotions of all staff.

7. To develop the HR business plan.

8. Ensure appropriate communication at all staff levels.

9. To maintain and develop leading edge HR systems and processes to address the
effective management of people in relation to the following in order to maintain competitive advantage

Performance Management.

Staff Induction.

Reward and Recognition.

Staff Retention.

Management Development / Career Development.

Succession Planning.

Competency Building / Mapping.

Compensation / Benefit programs.

10. To facilitate / support the development of the Team members

11. To facilitate development of staff with special focus on Line Management

12. To recommend and ensure implementation of Strategic directions for people
development within the organization.

13. Ensure a motivational climate in the organization, including adequate
opportunities for career growth and development.

14. Administer all employee benefit programs with conjunction with the Finance and
Administration department.

15. Provide counsel and assistance to employees at all levels in accordance with the
company's policies and procedures as well as relevant legislation.

16. Oversee the central HR Administration -

employee offer letters

salary letters and employment contracts.

Approve updated organizational charts on a monthly basis and maintain

complete/accurate personnel records.

17. Co-ordinate the design, implementation and administration of human resource
policies and activities to ensure the availability and effective utilization of human resources for meeting
the company's objectives.

18. Responsible for Corporate HR function.

19. Responsible for overall centralized HR admin function

20. Counseling and Guidance cell - provide support to Managers in case of
disciplinary issues.

Above 20 points are amongst the most important responsibilities which has to be taken care by an HR
Manager. He cannot take any above stated responsibility for granted.

With Love and affection

Anshu Goyal


Set Of 20 Key Responsibilities Of Hr Manager

Free Small Manufacturing Business Ideas That Cost Little to Start

Well, to start a small manufacturing entity, you need to have guts and a burning desire to succeed. The first item you need is a government license to start your manufacturing business. Manufacturing is sensitive based on the fact that, you need to manufacture products that do not infringe the well being of your surrounding environment as well that of the end users of your products. Many rules and regulations govern the manufacturing industry.

Those that apply to the big companies also apply to small ones. These rules and regulations are concerned with health issues, pollution and the quality of your finished products. Getting all necessary documents takes time and it can be an uphill task. Below are some small manufacturing ideas you may explore;

\"business Ideas\"

1. Furniture making

There are many establishments, which would do well with your furniture. These establishments require lockers, shelves, showcases and other furniture types. You can do well by starting this business.

2. Drinking water Business-

There is always a big profit potential with water business.

3. Soap manufacturing-

The market is full of many soap brands but if you could make a unique brand of soap, you sure are going to succeed. The cost of establishing this type manufacturing enterprise is usually low hence it is very viable.

4. Commercial bread making-

Everybody uses bread on a regular basis. You don't need to have a big operation to start this type of manufacturing.

Well these are some few ideas you can always try and they could prove very profitable based on your commitment and hard work.

Free Small Manufacturing Business Ideas That Cost Little to Start

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Information About Rural Business Ideas

Today there are quite a number of rural businesses that are creating money. It is up to you to select the one that is right for you. People now are leaning towards businesses that are related to taking care of the environment. This is true for a lot of rural communities. They also want to learn the latest technologies when it comes to their businesses. In fact, there are some business owners that are trying to sell and advertise online just like big companies. When selecting from variety of business ideas, know the ones available. In this way you will know the ones that would work out for you budget and local wise.

One rural business idea is related to agriculture. This is in fact growing to be number one in the industry. You can actually tour visitors to your vineyard or country garden. If you don't like farming, then you can invest on a land with natural areas. You can create a business that would tour guest for workshops or photo sessions.

\"business Ideas\"

There are also local products that you can sell. There is what you call micro eco farming. You can also grow something in your property especially if you have unique area and climate. Think of products that you only produce.

You must have heard about rural u pick which is not something new but gaining popularity. In fact you can read success stories of people who venture in this and made a lot of money. Today a lot of people are so health conscious that they want to know their food source.

If you own a nice place, you may want to establish a bed and breakfast. There is no need to spend much in renovating your area. If you area is good, you can allow visitors to do tent camping or other services for visitors. Your target market are people who are tired of staying at big hotels and want a real kind of rural experience.

Information About Rural Business Ideas

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The Advantages and Disadvantage of Opening a Restaurant Franchise

When I talk about running a franchise business, most people automatically assume I'm talking restaurant franchises. That's because most franchises in the food industry are wildly successful and in turn growing in numbers and popularity. You'll be hard pressed to find independent restaurants at all anymore due to the success of food franchises.

The best part is that despite the growing number of food franchises, buying a restaurant franchise is still one of the few close to being a guarantee opportunity in the world of business today. It's true that there are number of difficult issues that come with owning a restaurant franchise, but that's true with any business. Here are both sides of owning a food franchise showing both the advantages and disadvantages of them:

\"business Ideas\"


  • Built-in demand - For years upon years, people have been hardwired to grab something to eat at a franchise food chain when they are hungry and away from home. This is a major advantage for any start up company. It's years of marketing already done for you. The only thing you need to consider is the future of your product and will there be a demand for it in your local geographical area.
  • Financing - You can choose a number of different outlets to find financing. When it comes to finding funding for a food operation business, the process is extremely easy and not as complicated. The reason is because banks typically know what is involved with opening a restaurant and feel more comfortable approving the loans. The high revenue generated by some of the food franchises doesn't hurt, either.
  • Track record of success - Since a typical food franchise has multiple franchisees, it is easy to determine how successful or not they are. You can see if they have a record of success along with where and what demographics are the most successful. With this type of information available, you can make a well-informed decision before making an investment.
  • Prestige - Depending on who you speak to, people often think that all restaurant owners are people of high society that also comes with a touch of glamor. There are a lot of franchise owners that get into the restaurant business for this reason alone.


  • Labor - I'm sure you've noticed that most food businesses need a lot of employees to function properly and smoothly with the majority of those workers being low-paid. That leads to a workforce of unreliable employees with a high turnover rate. Finding and keeping qualified employees is a major challenge for a food franchise.
  • Low margins - The food industry is very price sensitive, more so in the world of fast food chains. This leaves you with a very fine line to walk with cost of goods and labor and making a profit. It's true that food franchises often see high revenues but the net margins are often overlooked. You are also susceptible to food spoilage and theft along with other issues only found in the food industry.
  • Expensive initial investment - A food franchise will require a substantial investment from you in order to get started. You need to pay for many items up front in order to run the business. Not only do you need to pay for the food and labor but also ovens, grease disposal, venting, furniture, and maintenance among many other expenses.

The Advantages and Disadvantage of Opening a Restaurant Franchise

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Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2012

Starting a small business takes a lot of planning and the ability to execute your business plans. Though it doesn't require a big capital for a small business however you cannot lose your capital as this will cause a serious trouble on the financial front at the same time your future expansion plans. If you have knowledge about how to run a business successfully, you won't be able to take a wrong move that can affect your business plans. Before we go on further to the small business ideas, refer to the tips for running a small business.

• Can it sustain your everyday expenses and can it profit you.

\"business Ideas\"

• Can it raise enough funds to get it running for a long time and can become a profitable venture.

• Is it something that is needed everyday and does it has an appeal to sell on a steady basis?

• Is it something that you know how to do and can you do it well?

• Is it something that you like to do and doesn't mind you at all doing it over and over again?

Now that we know our objective in putting up a small business let's go forward and see what are the best idea for small business this 2012.

1. Online business - this may include article writing/blogging, virtual assistant, translator, copy writer or bookkeeper, data entry, etc. This is one of the ideal business ideas for beginners would be to take advantage of various online business opportunities. By doing online data entry and online paid survey jobs, you can earn money per hour for your work. The more accuracy and consistency you show in your job, the more work you will get.

2. Mobile apps development - almost all people nowadays possesses a mobile phone and included on the mobile phone is application that people always uses. Calendars, Alarm Clocks, notepads are some example of applications that are commonly downloaded. Whether this is a businessman, a politician, an artist or just an ordinary person has a lot or even tons of mobile application.

3. Make-up artist or hair salons - Providing either makeup artist services or hair salons is yet another interesting small business idea. Makeup artists are in great demand in the fashion and entertainment industry. If you have the required makeup skills and talent, you can start your own company and do the makeup of television and movie stars. By providing good service, you can get long-term contracts which will increase your revenues greatly. The great thing about hair salons is that they are a sure thing. No matter how dismal the economic climate, women will still scrape together the money to get their hair done, even if they have to let their nails go. So hair salons with talented stylists and well-priced services will still be real money makers.

4. Cleaning services (pool, yard, garage etc.) - A cleaning service is a good business proposition for a person who relishes the idea of cleaning apartments, homes and commercial establishments. Housekeeping is an art and people are typically deterred by the prospect of getting grease, tough stains and odors out of carpets, keeping their bathroom clean and eliminating odors from their refrigerator. Hence, a cleaning service can be a steady source of income assuming that there are no immediate competitors. Otherwise, one would have to spend money on advertising and this may eat into one's profits. Cleaning services can operate round the clock since residential apartments are generally cleaned during the day while commercial buildings are cleaned after office-hours. Considering that cleaning services earn popularity and goodwill through word of mouth, a job that is well done will rarely go unnoticed.

5. Elder assistant or baby sitting - being a babysitter doesn't require you to have a license, with more parents needing to work and offering a home based child care can be a great way of starting your own business while taking care of your own kids too. The growing numbers of senior baby boomers also provide growing business opportunities for senior care. In-home care and senior residences are the obvious ones, but don't forget all the related opportunities such as driving, delivery, catering and cleaning services for seniors who want to stay in their homes. You can certainly develop your own business providing care for seniors.

6. Recycler - the best thing of being a recycler is that you're not just earning your own money and you're also helping the environment. Average homeowner doesn't always know where or how to recycle the stuff they've got. A pickup truck are all you'd need to start buying or simply offering to remove scrap metal, old computers, electronics, ink cartridges and other recyclable materials.

7. Event management/party planner - Event management or party planning can also be a good option for a small business. Event planners have to organize a particular event by taking into consideration the suggestions given by their clients. This job requires creativity, patience and ability to get work done from people on time. It can help you be a successful event planner if have a good team of creative professional that can help you organize the event under you.

8. Online selling - whether this is a pre-loved or brand-new stuff you can still earn big bucks. This is being popularized by e-bay. There are still some people who have a whole lot of money and are willing to spend it on the name products that matter. Luxury handbags, scarves, and shoes for women are still selling well, for instance.

9. Social media consultants - With the ever rising of the social media era and the giant social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and You tube, businesses have been taking advantage of this to gain more exposure for their brands and products. With more than 800 million active users in Facebook alone, business promotion in this top social networking site is now a priority for business owners and marketers. If you have the social media marketing skills that can outsource likes and follows for your client's business, then this business can help you earn cold cash on the Internet.

10. Pet related services such as pet sitter, pet cleaning and grooming services - Most Canadians and Americans loves pet especially dogs and feeding, caring for them and pampering their pooches a spending priority. Kennels, doggie daycare, dog treat bakeries and dog resorts are few of the things that you may want to venture in.

These are not necessarily ideas for businesses that anyone can start however you can get some idea on the list above. But in my opinion, these are business opportunities that are going to provide real chances to make money in 2012 and beyond. Business that is done right, in the right place and for the right people may be profitable enterprises for years to come. If you've been considering a sale in 2012, take your time and do it right. Plan ahead, research your market and stand out from the competition. Knowing the sales process is half the battle. With proper preparation, you can ensure a stress free transition and a financially successful exit from your business.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2012

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Small Business Ideas That Require Low Overhead

For some people who want to establish small businesses, money is no object. They can afford to buy the equipment necessary to get the business up and running. For other people, though, start-up costs are prohibitive. If you are considering establishing a small business, you should consider what funds you have available before you decide exactly what type of business is right for you.

As noted above, some small businesses require very little in terms of overhead costs. Several such businesses are listed below:

\"business Ideas\"

o Writer - if you enjoy writing and have a computer, you can get started right away without any overhead costs. The internet makes it possible to market your services without paying postage for mailing marketing materials.

o Estate sale facilitator - if you advertise your services as an estate sale facilitator via word of mouth, you can limit your start-up costs to tags for the items, pens, and a cashbox. At the end of the sale, you can retain a pre-agreed upon portion of the gross sales as your profit.

o Painter - after you invest in the relatively low costs associated with paint brushes, rollers, and a ladder, you can advertise your services by making copies of a flier and posting them in your neighborhood.

o Cleaning - if you love to clean, you can get started with your cleaning business sooner than you think. The investment is minimal: cleaning products. You can ask your first customers to help you grow your business by telling others about you.

o Dog walker - there are no start-up costs associated with this business. Just post a flier and spread the word.

Small Business Ideas That Require Low Overhead

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Einstein - Definition of Insanity

Insanity in the Sign & Graphics Industry

Einstein's Definition

\"business Management\"

Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way you run your company?

Have you been doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? If so, then you might want to keep on reading. In a world where technology is becoming a key productivity tool to the success of any business, it simply comes down to, are you accepting and harnessing technology or rejecting it. Are you willing to change or will you do the same thing over and over again? T

Here are two main reasons why I pose this question. First, many shop owners today have trouble understanding how new technology, specifically software, can become a major benefit to their business, and second, owners have trouble measuring the profits they are losing by rejecting this technological change. Have you ever rejected technology?

"If It Ain't Broke Then Don't Fix It!" Mentality

Are you expecting to increase profits by continuing the same business strategy year after year? If so, how long do you think the method will work?

Many shop owners simply do not see the need to update or change their current method. They believe that there is no need to invest in a new method when the old one still seems to work fine. This is the common, "If it ain't broke then don't fix it!" mentality. Well, I hate to be the one to say it, but just because something isn't "broke" doesn't mean you can't make it work better. When new technology such as software, could save you large amounts of time & money, how can you not accept it?

In an industry where there is an increasing level of competitiveness, shop owners must take advantage of every method available to help them cut costs. Would a commercial printer looking to grow their business, limit their shop to just a one color press? Sure they can continue to operate with a one color press, but wouldn't a two or four color press help expand their business into other areas more effectively. In this example the current method works, but a technological change would help increase the company's ability to grow.

Exploring these other areas help companies to sustain and increase profits. Without accepting new technology, shop owners greatly limit their profit potential. By using the power of technology to make their business practices more efficient owners can continue to achieve their goals.

Are You Sacrificing?

A lot of shop owners that we talk with have a hard time visualizing the amount of money they are losing, or in actuality, the amount of money they are giving to their competition, due to inconsistencies in the work flow process. These shops feel they are doing well with the system they currently have in place and do not see the need to change to a new method. This lack of vision can cause owners to limit their future profits.

On the opposite side, the owners that do see a need for change begin to focus more attention on how much money it will cost to make the switch rather than how much they are losing. These owners become unsure and wonder if the investment today will pay off tomorrow. To those owners, how much will it cost you not to switch? Do you even know? Is it one, three, possibly five jobs a day? Do the math. How much money/time is lost due to inefficiencies such as faulty estimates, under/over-priced jobs, or lost invoices.

Ask yourself, how long can a company continue to compete if they are not being as efficient as their competition? If companies choose to stay with the same system they have been using for years and reject change are they, in essence, choosing to sacrifice future profits?

0,000 a Year

One company in particular that we spoke with was losing 4 orders per week to their competition. Since only one person in the shop was able to estimate, it was taking days to get quotes to customers, therefore forcing their clients to seek, and eventually accept bids from competing companies. When this company finally analyzed their method and applied a dollar amount to the loss, they estimated they were losing around 0,000 in revenue a year. Amazing right? What would 4 orders a week cost you? Or if you could accept 4 more orders a week, what would you do with the extra profits? How does a company like this one miss out on a 0,000 opportunity? Simply put, insanity, the Einstein definition.

It's not Just Estimating

Companies are not just losing profits due to faulty estimates; they're also losing profits due to a lack of follow up, or customer management. When sending estimates out to potential clients, how often do companies remember to follow up with them? With the constant chaos that shop owners experience on a daily basis, this follow up process can become an aspect that is quickly forgotten, especially if the current estimating system doesn't include this integration.

How much can a company increase their "win" rate for estimates by placing follow up calls to all customers with estimates outstanding? By using a powerful integrated estimating and business management software, like Cyrious, company's are able to create reminders that will tell employees who to call, when to call, and why, automatically. It keeps all customer, contact, and order information together in one place and increases the ability to save time and builds customer relationships essential to business growth and expansion.

Adapting to Change

By adapting to change, and accepting and harnessing technology, shop owners who use Cyrious Software have become more efficient and profitable.

Cyrious helps owners solve a variety of different frustrations. Whether you're an owner who is frustrated with estimating because it takes up too much time or one that is annoyed that orders keep getting lost and misplaced, Cyrious has a solution. Cyrious helps put an end to the lack of integration by providing the power of multiple software systems in one (estimating, accounting, job tracking, customer management, etc.). No company is happy about losing customers due to late quotes or losing money because parts are omitted from estimates and orders.

When owners understand the amount of time and money a different method can save them, the switch to powerful software like Cyrious is simple. Is it time for you to explore different methods to increase sales & profits, and make your business more manageable?

For More Information on Cyrious Software go to http://www.cyrious.net, call 1-800-552-1418 , or email info@cyrious.net

Einstein - Definition of Insanity

Danny Tangredi, Cyrious Software " Your Estimating, Business Management & Job Tracking Software Solution "


Getting Down To It - Dealing With Writer's Block

Dealing with Writer's Block

Today, writers have to find new ways to get their material out. The phenomenal growth of the ebook industry is no accident. This new medium of distribution is fast, efficient and extremely profitable.

\"business Ideas\"

If you want to start your new business of selling words, the same words, over and over again without lifting a finger when it's done, then you have to start right now.
Maybe you've already started, or is it still just an idea? Maybe you just can't keep at it or the finish line seems too far away. Either way, it can be frustrating when your "get-up-and-go" gets up and, well, goes!

It happens to all writers. The dreaded "writer's block," the equally troublesome "information block." Or, worst of all, the "I don't have anything worth saying" block.
The last type of block is truly the worst impairment to completing your ebook, as it can be damaging to your confidence. Anyone - I repeat, anyone - has a story to tell. You have a story to tell. We all do!
Unless you're Dr. Wayne Dyer who writes all his books with pen in hand on a pad of paper in a continuous stream of consciousness, you will have to find alternative ways to get those pages done.
Here are several ways to keep the words coming:

Points to Paragraphs to Pages

In my last ebook, Simple Forex Solution(TM), I had a section explaining "moving averages" and how to apply them to currency trading charts. I knew the information very well as I had used this chart analysis technique for years trading stocks and currencies.
The problem was I had never attempted to explain it to anyone else. I avoided that section of my ebook for some time. I knew it had to be done, but I kept procrastinating.

The longer I waited, the worst my anxiety got. Finally, I sat down to take a stab at it and in doing so, developed a way to put it all together that I now use regularly.
I decided to make a simple point form list of all the key ideas and information I needed to explain. I jotted them all down as quickly as possible, taking no breaks.

I didn't care what order they were in; I just wrote them down on paper one after the other. If I remembered more items, points or details, I just added them to the end of the list.
Before long, I had two pages of points I needed to make. I looked over the list and deleted a few points I could do without. It's easier to add while you are on a roll, then delete what you don't need later.

When I had all the points I needed, I took out a fresh sheet of lined paper and rewrote these points in the order I thought they should be presented, as best I could.
I spaced each point out with two or three lines in between. I thought about how I would use this summary of steps if I were presenting this topic verbally to a class.

How could I present it in an interesting and engaging way?

The idea of "moving averages" can be a pretty dry subject, so I endeavored to add some flavor where I could.
I looked at each of these points and wrote one or two sentences in the spaces below that explained the point.

For example:

End of Day Data

The End of Day data is the closing price of the stock or currency. Many moving average curves use this figure and a set of figures from the days before to help plot the curve on a chart.

Approaching your ebook in this way makes the blank page less daunting. Simply break it down to the essentials and slowly expand each point.

Don't be too concerned about the flow of the points yet. Just add a few sentences to each point and before you know it, you've written a few pages and have developed a good structure for that section.

Don't edit as you go; just get it down. Editing is for later... much later. Once you have gone as far as you can, I suggest that you take a break to get some perspective and distance yourself from the material before looking it over again.

The World at Your Fingertips

For the "Information Block" problem, consider yourself the luckiest writer alive because never in history has so much information been available so quickly and cheaply. The internet and libraries contain almost everything you need on every topic imaginable.

Let's say your ebook topic deals with Starting a Small Lawn Care Business for Exercise and Profit. Even using just the Yellow Pages, it can be fast and easy to investigate all the lawn care businesses in your area or the national chains, to see what they do and how they do it.

No need to reinvent the wheel here. Look for a few simple ways to make improvements or some new innovative ideas to make your business idea unique.

See what new things similar service business are doing and adopt those to lawn care. Remember, the bestselling ebooks deal with ways to make money. Those are the best ones selling anywhere!

Keep it Familiar

And finally, write about something you enjoy and know about. You don't have to sit down for hours on end. Try writing just an hour per day, preferably in the morning when your mind is fresh. Increase the time if you feel you are getting on a roll.

If you are interested in developing into a full-time serious writer, I can recommend several books and ebooks on the topic at my website listed below. Just don't substitute your writing time for your reading time or your ebook will never get done.
This is a habit with which I still struggle. I take too much time out from writing to read, justifying to myself that I'm still doing research.

I keep a very small pocketsize notepad and pen with me at all times. You should do the same. You never know where you'll be when a good idea hits you. If you don't write it down, it may be lost forever.

Here's a little rule you can adopt: All new ideas must be written down immediately, no exceptions. Use the back of a napkin at a restaurant if you have to.

Respond quickly to any sudden inspiration to write. Look at this as a gift that if you fail to accept will disappear. The urge may not last if you put it off.

And lastly, don't stop if you get on a roll; go with it until you are exhausted if you can. Don't question it; just submit to these moments of inspiration.

Getting Down To It - Dealing With Writer's Block

Article by Kent Douglas, author of “The eBook Pocket Guide: Write & Publish your eBook & Create a Site that Sells.” To learn how you too can succeed in writing and self-publishing, please visit [http://www.eBookPocketGuide.com]

Strategic Self Management - Motivation 1 - Recession 0

Throughout history, man has been studying motivational training but to date motivation is still a very complex and misunderstood word. We easily go from an energy state of high motivation to spiraling into a total realm of negativity just based upon the information we receive, whether it is verbal or non-verbal. We can be highly charged and energized one minute and feel flat and deflated the next by this outside stimuli. For example sending out our resumes searching for a job we feel we are perfectly fit to accomplish but upon hearing a negative response or no response we can easily fall into the psychological state of panic.

We can develop thoughts of worry (What if I can't get a job? What if nobody hires me?). We can develop the fear of the unknown (How will I pay my mortgage? How will I care for my children?). Loss of motivation based upon an outside event triggering our raw emotions thus interfering in our ability to move forward.

\"business Ideas\"

Perhaps we have a great business idea only to find looks of disbelief by family and friends who have underrated our talents, skills, and abilities immediately throwing us back into the state of uncertainty and feelings of inadequacies from the discouragement of lack of support. Either way easily influenced by society making it particularly difficult to maintain our self-motivation. Each of us must determine our own level of motivation based upon previous life conditioning and experiences in order for us to remain in control. For this reason alone, we must look inside for what we want for our true selves.

"Know thyself" the Greek Philosophy and "to thine own self be true" are statements that have been around for centuries and are powerful in assisting in reminding us to identify what inner form of spirit we could rely on to develop our life long goals. It is evident nobody can do the work for you so determining your inner yearning is of utmost importance! After all, it is your life, your thoughts, your motive, your reason.

Forms of motivation include working for pay raises, building dream homes, raising a healthy family, working for the good of humankind, investment, self-employment, higher learning, respect, integrity, credibility. The list and reasons for why we do things is endless and requires deep internal processing by each of us in order for us to sustain our drive of personal action.

During the trying times it is critical we protect ourselves from the onslaught of negativity. We must instead force ourselves to focus on identifying what we want, why we want it and what we need to do in order to get there as this is the difference between whether we will increase our energy towards the accomplishment of our deepest desires or not. This is the critical key. It is our desires not others.

The good news is self-motivation is clearly that. It is the self. It is you. It is your thought energy. The only true power you hold in this world is by your thoughts. You are the provider of your perception. It is your responsibility to provide action towards your goals from the motive of reason determined by you. It is your motive for action, which will drive and sustain you through the difficult times in your life. Motivation is merely your thought energy, your reason for being which in turn shifts into physical action.

So how do you self-motivate in times of recession? How do you go on with your dreams and your life when your home is about to be for-closed on, or you find yourself lacking in a job, perhaps your spouse has left or any other major life altering event due to the recession? How do you cope with the additional burden of job responsibility with the cutbacks and having to do two jobs in place of one?

First, you have to come to terms with how you feel about what is occurring. You have to allow your emotions to go through the cycle of healing. If you do not take this vital time at some point later you will find what you suppressed will be expressed in the least opportune time. Go ahead and feel bad now. Try not to struggle with it just feel your emotions.

Take the necessary time to deal with these sentiments. It is okay to be angry, disappointed, scared, depressed, numb, anxious, worried, fearful, or any other emotion you are feeling. It should tell you, you are alive! Give yourself all the time you need to sort through your challenges. The important part is that you work through the emotions yourself so that you come to terms with it and come out with a clearer understanding as to what you really want.

Be vigilant of your surroundings to prevent from being, unduly influenced by others for when we are at a low emotional state, we are at a very high level of sensitivity for influence. We must take care that the choices we make in our lives are truly ours and not for the satisfaction or gratification of others.

Another critical key is to separate yourself from others viewpoints while identifying new strategies for your future. Redefining your own motivation based upon your own individuality. At this stage, if you rely too heavily on the influence of others, you run the risk of living your life as others would see for you instead of living the life pre-determined by you.

Try taking long walks, meditating, or simply sitting with your worries and staring into space. Silence will help you to identify what is truly important to you in your life. It will help you to clear some of the ghosts, which no longer work for you. Sit as quiet as you can until you start to hear the strength of your own internal voice guiding you in a more positive direction.

What you will experience is your real self. You will hear your own words telling you what you really want in your life. Take care to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to explore these ideas. Go ahead and write down anything you feel has value to you. You will soon see a pattern begin to emerge.

Soon you will find one of your ideas will create a spark of excitement in the form of renewed energy within you. Follow this idea and learn as much as you can. Do everything humanly possible to learn everything you can about it. By doing this you are fueling the embers of a fire stirring deep within and suddenly you know what you have to do and why you are doing it.

Once this has occurred you are ready to kick yourself in the butt and start back into life. You will find your focus will attract to you everything you need to accomplish your vision.

I have personally found it extremely helpful to start an exercise program at this point. I find exercise helps to strengthen against attacks of negativity, which can greatly drain the young fresh spiritual ideas you are developing. By implementing a solid exercise program into your life, you increase oxygen to your brain allowing for increased focus, concentration, and stamina for your new founded ideas to take shape.

Add to it vitamins and a nutritional program and you are now ready to run 24/7 inspired with high energy and ready to realize your new dreams. As you take your life back into control, you feel a powerhouse of energy develop within you. This is motivation!

For more information on Time Management and Goal Setting strategies visit: http://www.strategicselfmanagement.com

Good luck and may all your hopes, dreams and wishes be turned into motives for action.

Strategic Self Management - Motivation 1 - Recession 0

Marianne, the owner and founder of Ontario Home Care Assist, works with the elderly to assist them in maintaining their independence in their own homes for as long as possible. For more Senior information and free downloads go to [http://www.OntarioHomeCareAssist.com]

Best Online Business Ideas to Start an Internet Business

The tried and true ideas are some of the best online business ideas to start an internet business with. Even if you are new to trying to earn money on the internet with you have probably heard about selling things on Craigslist or eBay. But you may not be familiar with affiliate marketing or making money with blogging. Those that master either of these two avenues for making money can make a great living and can even become rich doing so.

As with any business venture you will need to determine what you have the ambition, desire, and passion to do everyday. You'll also want to set goals that are realistic. You will need to consider the nuts and bolts of businesses such as eBay or Craigslist if you want to sell using them. You probably have some "stuff" around your house right now that will sell but what will you do after those are gone?

\"business Ideas\"

With research you can determine what the hot items are and buy those cheaply yourself to then resell. But do you have the storage? What about shipping and handling? There are some great training materials available online to assist you in getting started.

Affiliate marketing is for those who would rather just promote products of other companies without the hassle of dealing directly with customers. This again will take some research to determine the best products to promote.

There are a lot of things to consider when coming up with products to promote. What niche are you most interested in? Will you get your own website to direct customers to first or will you strictly supply a link to the company who's offering the product?

There are pros and cons of both but long term you'll benefit the most by having your own website. This way you've captured the information (names and email address) of those showing interest in the product. You can then contact them in the future with other promotions.

In considering the products to promote it will be important that you find quality items that do what they say they will do. For example there are a lot of affiliate eBooks for sale that really only give basic information that someone could find easily on their own. And many do not offer true solutions to problems.

On the other hand there are thousands of great products that give you a chance to earn 50% to 80% commissions. Part of your research will be determining what products have the best chance to sell and finding out what your commissions will be. Blogging has become another way to promote products and any other business you have. Blogs are very easy to set up and enable you to find a target audience to drive to your site.

Best Online Business Ideas to Start an Internet Business

Cynthia Minnaar invites you to generate income online with the best online business ideas she will share with you. Her website will demonstrate a proven way to start an online business that can work for you.

Performance Appraisals - 5 Key Strengths to Highlight

Performance appraisals, performance reviews, performance feedback - they all refer to the same process that is very much part and parcel of working in large organizations. That doesn't mean that smaller companies do not conduct performance appraisals, but they tend to do it less formally.

Performance feedback is clearly a necessary evil, as it allows a company to reward and recognize its best employees to motivate them further. For employees who aren't performing at optimum levels, it provides a structured way of working with the employees to raise their performance.

\"business Management\"

From an employee' perspective, it is thus critical to ensure that your performance appraisals capture the best of your work during the period under review. The performance appraisal form becomes a permanent record that will have an impact on your career not only in the same organization, but may also be used as reference if requested by a future employer.

Obviously the most important thing to include in your performance feedback is achievement of your business goals or metrics. List down the key metrics and provide supporting evidence on how you achieved those goals. Include also challenges or obstacles that you managed to overcome.

Regardless of the industry, company or role you're in, incorporate the following 5 key strengths in your performance appraisals. There is great emphasis on these values as they form the foundation for a company's corporate culture, and are critical for its survival and long-term growth.

Key Strength # 1: Focus on customer satisfaction - describe how you contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty for the company's long-term growth.
Key Strength # 2: Teamwork and collaboration - highlight how you build lasting relationships with other teams and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.
Key Strength # 3: Open communications - emphasize your willingness to listen to new ideas, or to adopt alternative approaches
Key Strength # 4: Interpersonal skills - stress your ability to work with all levels within the organization
Key Strength # 5: Adaptability to change - illustrate how you're able to adapt in the face of constant changes in the organization or industry

High ratings in these areas will enhance your technical or functional expertise, and will make you a more valuable player within the organization.

Performance Appraisals - 5 Key Strengths to Highlight

David A. Russell is the author of the Phrases for Performance Appraisals Resource Guide, which helps professionals prepare and submit well-written performance appraisals. More information about the resource guide is available at: http://www.PhrasesForPerformanceAppraisals.com