What Makes a Good Office Manager?

Being an office manager is not as easy as some people might expect. It is an extremely important role within an organisation and there are various qualities that a good office manager should possess. So what makes a good and respected office manager?

An office manager should be fair to all members of the office staff. To have favourites, perhaps somebody they would also consider to be a friend outside of work, can cause a great deal of resentment within the rest of the work force and this can lead to a reduced productivity as well as having a detrimental affect on the atmosphere within the office. Each worker within the office needs to be assured that they will be treated as an equal.

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The office manager should be prepared to "muck in" and work very hard. They should not merely just delegate the work and then sit back, this will lead to a lack of respect within the rest of the work force.

The manager should be a decisive decision maker and a strong leader. They should be pro-active rather than reactive. They should give praise when praise is due and relay messages in a positive manner. We all make mistakes and an manager should be aware of this and therefore not react too harshly when something goes wrong.

An office manager should be a good listener and needs to be flexible. We all have domestic issues from time to time and the office manager will gain additional respect if they are sympathetic and supportive during these periods.

A good manager will have great organisational skills. This ensures that the office is run smoothly and that everyone understands their role within it.

A good office manager leads from the front and should be a great motivater. It is amazing how positive an effect the purchasing of bacon sandwiches on a Friday morning, for the office staff, can be on their morale.

What Makes a Good Office Manager?

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