Three KPI Examples

There are many ways to measure an employee's performance. However, the most popular tool of today that is also used by many managers all over the world is the employee scorecard. This scorecard contains metrics with specified targets and these are called KPIs. KPI means key performance indicator. As the term suggests, these are areas of performance and there is a specified target for each one. Many employers have a certain target set as expected performance. Any level of performance below these targets are deemed unacceptable, and anything beyond is something that exceeds expectations. There are hundreds and probably thousands of metrics around the world, but below are some most commonly used KPI examples.


\"business Management\"

This stands for customer satisfaction. Definitely, companies need to hear the voices of their customers. Customers are the very bloodline of very business, without whom the business will not have any opportunity to expand. Before, many companies get their customers satisfaction level through surveys. In many fast food chains and restaurants, there are survey forms available in counter stations, and customers can pick up and fill out these forms as they please. Now, with the advent of the Internet, companies simply send these surveys through emails. The responses of the customers will then give the company a clear picture of the processes that they can improve on. These comments from customers can also provide adequate information on how to improve service down to the employee level, especially in customer service industries, like the BPO or Business Process Outsourcing industry.


There is no doubt that companies can only improve business by adhering to a set of standards called quality. Quality is very important in any business because this is an unbiased form of judgment and this is the method used for internal control. This is a means of ensuring that all products and services are at par with customer specifications and expectations as the company has promised. From time to time, human beings will have lapses at work, but any quality personnel will see to it that the same defect or mistake should not be repeated again by the same employee.

Attendance and Tardiness

There are many companies that do not have much bearing on attendance or tardiness, especially in the sales industry in which employees are sent out in the field to sell and reach a certain quota. Once this quota is reached, the employee has the option to stay at home as much as he wants to. However, attendance is a serious issue in many industries, especially in manufacturing since people are needed to operate the machines. This is also a critical metric in the call center industry because service is delivered to customers real time. There has to be a person manning the phones, so if a customer calls, someone will attend to his concerns.

These are only few of the most common KPI examples. There are many more out there and these metrics or key performance indicators vary from one company and industry to another. This is because one company has a different strategy and priority from the others.

Three KPI Examples

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