Catchy Business Phrases

Throughout marketing history, we have seen the evolution of many catchy business phrases! Sometimes they are referred to as the company "motto" or "slogan". Why do people always revert back to creating catchy business phrases? They write them because THEY WORK! They make sales and convert customers!

When you're writing catchy business phrases, it is important to remember the marketability of your phrase! Is your phrase generic enough to appeal towards a large audience? What do I mean? Here is an example.


Lets say that I'm selling some cleaner. I could say that the cleaner is "great for cleaning tables". That would be great, if I'm targeting people who clean tables. It would be much more effective to write the phrase this way, "great for cleaning your home!" That phrase is much more effective because it captures a larger audience!

Catchy Business Phrases

Be sure that your catchy business phrases aren't cutting out potential buyers by singing only one tune. Make sure that you have a few catchy business phrases up your sleeve before you venture out into the vast business world! Having different phrases spreads out your business and increases the chances of your business being discovered!

Hopefully you have taken away some important information. The art of making effective, catchy business phrases is a very tricky art, indeed! When you finally begin to market, be sure to check which phrase is performing the best! Once you are able to narrow it down, you'll only be left with super effective marketing phrases! You cant be stopped!

Catchy Business Phrases

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