7 Great Small Business Ideas

In recent times and with the economic climate as it is, more and more people are looking for a second income. A small home business can be a great way to bring in some extra cash or a stepping stone to finding freedom from your regular day job. Below are seven great small business ideas that can be ran from home.

1. Laundry services. Believe it or not people don't like to do their own laundry! This includes ironing, washing, stain removal. These are all things that you can do in your home and probably already have all the necessary equipment.

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2. Card making. Somewhat of a cottage industry, card making services are popping up all over the place. Desk top publishing and cheap printing services make it extremely easy to set up your card printing service. You could make birthday, Christmas and special occasion's cards and sell them through an eBay store.

3. Cupcakes. This old favourite has made the cupcake industry extremely competitive and the huge mark ups make this a great business to go into. You should note though that there are certain regulations you must meet before you can set up in any food industry.

4. Sandwiches. Everybody needs to eat right. You could make sandwiches fresh in the morning and travel to the thousands of offices in every town centre. You probably would only get around the first few before you run out of stock.

5. Set up as a web host. The internet is vast and everybody who wants a website will need hosting. It sounds like a technical nightmare but it is actually very easy. Get a reseller account from one of the big hosting companies and start selling chunks of it off for a profit.

6. Grow your own veg. Contrary to popular belief farming is not dead. As we said in a previous idea, everybody needs to eat. You will need to invest some time in growing vegetables. Your profits won't come overnight so you will need to do something else while they grow. Then sell them wherever you can.

7. Classified buy and sell. Most people think that it is difficult to spot a bargain but in fact it is very easy. We are not talking eBay here; we are talking classified adverts in local press, newspapers and magazines. You will soon be able to spot a bargain just by looking at the prices of other similar items and checking the prices on the web.

The trick to coming up with small business ideas is to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does your idea solve a problem?
2. Does your idea have a market, is it in demand?
3. Can you make a profit from your idea?

If all else fails you could spy on other people. If others are being successful then the chances are that you can be successful with a similar idea.

7 Great Small Business Ideas

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